In your 20s? In college? Starting your career? Newly married?
Join us this weekend!

C3 YOUNG ADULTS is a life-giving place where you can meet new friends, find community, and learn to live a life that counts. You have something to offer the world!

It’s a feast! Come celebrate!

Sundays are the highlight of our week and the best place to connect. There are the three parts of the experience – to get the most out of it and connect more easily, be sure and check out all three.

1. Sunday Morning Community

Meet new people, munch on freshly baked COOKIES, and explore the Word together.
Sunday Mornings at 10:00 am in Room B107  //  August – June (off in July)

2. Gathered Worship & Prayer

Participate in the central, most life-giving part of the Christian life: worshipping and celebrating Jesus together at his table.
Sunday Mornings at 8:30 or 11:00 am in in the Worship Center

3. Sunday Fun Day Hangouts

Create memories and develop rhythms as we go eat together every Sunday after Worship, then have fun on whatever adventure is planned.
Sundays at 12:30 pm…to who knows! meet at La Hacienda after church

the living room and the backyard

Life isn’t meant to be lived alone. It stunts our growth and robs us of our joy in Christ. Connect in small groups and events as you get a sneak peak into a different world: life together.

Small Groups

You were created to flourish in deep and fun life together with other believers. To learn more about small group opportunities and get involved, connect on our FACEBOOK page or get in touch with Wes, our YA  Director.

Group Events

From Worship Nights throughout the year to parties, meals, and the occasional retreat, stay in the loop on our FACEBOOK page or get in touch with Wes, our YA  Director.

SUMMER 2018: 12 Nights of Summer

Join us on Wednesday nights this summer! Meet at 6:57 pm at 174 Sturbridge Drive in Franklin 37064. Summer Dates

Contact & Connect

To plug into our young adult ministry and find out more about upcoming events, contact Wes Garner (YA Director) by phone or text (615-308-2333) or by e-mail.