Spring Term Registration Now Closed

Spring 2021 Connect Groups
January 13-April 25

  • Registration is open for those who are new or would like to join a different group – if you were previously in a Connect Group and wish to stay with that same group, no action is needed.
  • At this time, all groups are meeting virtually. Once you are registered and placed in a group, your Connect Group leader will reach out to you with information on days/times and the method for gatherings.
  • How are we staying connected at this time? Connect Groups are meeting with video chat conferencing. Learn more.
  • Registration for the Spring 2021 Connect Groups has closed, but those interested in learning more can contact Pastor Casey Cramer.


A C3 Community Group is an intentional gathering of committed and compassionate people who desire to share life and truth together. Their purpose is to grow in Christ and give him to others so that every C3 member would belong, believe, become whole, and bless the world. In the Fall of 2019, we introduced our first CONNECT Groups and will later be adding Explore, Care, and Missional groups.

With the launch of C3 Community Groups, Pastor Cassidy taught a mini-series on COMMUNITY during our Sunday morning services. Listen to Pastor Cassidy’s sermon, The Gift of Community, and find the rest of the series here.

The front lines for spiritual development, relational community and spiritual care at C3. This is not simply a friend or interest group, but a biblical community that desires to connect relationally and be transformed as they do life together.

People meeting together with a focus on hospitality and exploring discussions of relevant cultural topics and theology and for those who desire to explore the Christian faith. For both followers of Christ and those who do not necessarily identify as Christians.

For those who, like all of us, are broken or hurting, and desire a restorative place of intentional and concentrated care to become whole (examples: AA, ACA, ACOA, Samson, SA, and Grief Care).
For those who have a common desire to serve in a particular way, to serve a specific people group, or partner with a particular ministry (for example, groups centered around serving Habitat for Humanity, Hurricane Relief, Franktown, etc.)

What does joining a COMMUNITY GROUP look like?

Three 10-12 Week Terms Per Year:
  • Fall Term: September 13-November 22, 2020
  • Spring Term: January 13-April 25, 2021
  • Summer Term: May 2-June 22, 2021
Easy On/Off Ramps:
  • Groups will start and end each term at the same time and will commit to a specific meeting frequency (every week/every other week, etc.) for the entire term.
  • At the end of the term, the group will decide if they will continue to meet or break up. This will allow for groups to communicate whether they are full and closed or have openings for new people, and create easy entrance and exit times for participation.
  • Groups will initially be created based on a sign-up questionnaire, gathering info on your preferences (age/stage of life, gender, meeting time and location options, other group members you wish to be placed with, etc.).
Group Leadership and Curriculum:
Each group will include a facilitator, who acts as the organizer and discussion leader of the group, and a host, who will help welcome group members, promote community within the group, and organize occasional social events. Curriculum will be provided to group leaders for the first term to promote unity as we launch; curriculum recommendations will be offered in subsequent terms.


Who are community groups for?
Everyone! Community groups are for men and women; for individuals, friends, couples, and families; and for all ages from young adults to seniors. Group options are available with different meeting times, frequency, location, childcare needs, and more. This is an excellent way for those new to our community and for longtime members to connect, for those in a new phase of life to find others to walk alongside them, for individuals feeling isolated to find fellowship.
Why do I want to join a community group?
We are created beings – created for relationship – longing to care for and be cared for by others. This is an opportunity for you to know and be known by others in our community, loving one another and growing in our faith together.
More questions or concerns?
Contact Pastor Casey Cramer, Director of Ministries, or Lisa Florian, Hospitality and Membership Coordinator.