August 7, 2016

The Compelling Call of our Vision

The Compelling Call of our Vision

The Compelling Call of our Vision
August 7, 2016

Pastor David Cassidy
Genesis 13:14-18
Mark 10:46-52

Our Mission Statement:

Christ Community Church is called by the God of all grace for the transforming of life in middle Tennessee—spiritually, socially and culturally—through the power of the gospel, from Franklin to the nations of the world, and all to the glory of God.

Four Foundational Values:

The Gospel of God
The Word of God
The Worship of God
The Incarnation of God

Four Actionable Distinctives:

Radical Hospitality for the Sake of the Gospel
– Is Everything we do hospitable?

Rooted Theology/Discipleship for Every Generation
– Are you making disciples?

Restoration of the Whole Person
– Why a counseling center?

Renewal of the World
– Why mercy and justice?

Our buildings, our grounds, our events, our giving, our ‘everything’ will be rooted in these values and distinctive practices.

Why? For the Glory of God!