At this time, gathered, in-person worship services have been suspended.

All worship services will be streaming on Sundays at 10:00 am.


Infectious disease specialists and other medical personnel we deeply respect have strongly advised our Pastoral team to take this action. We trust and thank God for their wisdom. We believe that we have a responsibility not only to our members but to this entire community, and it is incumbent on us to do nothing that might contribute to the spread of this unpredictable illness to others.

We are especially mindful of our members who are age sixty and above, as well as those with underlying conditions, all of whom are more susceptible to the lethal force of COVID-19. Their fragile condition demands extra care.

We believe that we need one another’s encouragement and strength more than ever. That said, we are called to love each other and our neighbors, putting their interests above our own, and right now that means not gathering in large numbers.


Frankly, I’m writing this with tears in my eyes as the thought of not gathering with you to worship around the Table is difficult for my soul to contemplate. I am also, however, writing this with deep and abiding joy because I know that this unanticipated trial will also present unexpected opportunities to serve one another and our neighbors with the Gospel. We will soon hear of remarkable works of grace God does in and through you.

We will evaluate our schedule each week and we are not going to retreat from ministry; on the contrary, we will move towards one another in practical care and service. Please expect more communication from me and our Session and Diaconate on that topic.


There is an old Benedictine expression, Ora et Labora, which means ‘Pray and Work.’ That’s where we are right now: ready to serve and called to pray. We wish to be especially mindful of and prayerful for our medical personnel who are about to bear an incredible burden as they seek to bring care to those affected by this pandemic. Let’s discover new ways of helping one another and praying for one another in the coming weeks.

If you need help or prayer, or just someone to talk to, please do not hesitate to contact us, and know that we are moving towards you with the Gospel, without fear and in faith that God’s ever-new mercies will be found by us all.

In these days when all things are being shaken, let us recall that we are part of an unshakable Kingdom, belong to and are beloved of our Sovereign God, and that he will make us more than conquerors in the middle of the sorrows and suffering of these times.

We send our love,

David, Mike, Ken, Charles, and Casey

On-campus programs and events have been suspended at this time.

In addition to moving our worship services online, we have suspended regular programs and upcoming events on our campus until further notice, following the public health recommendations aimed at restraining the spread of COVID-19. Our Pastors and Session-appointed task force teams continue to monitor the situation, and we will update you with any new information, looking forward to a time when we can gather together in person for programs and events again.

C3 Counseling Center appointments and weekly Recovery and Support Groups are continuing at this time.

Connect Groups still choosing to meet are urged to follow all CDC recommendations. Please contact your Connect Group leader to find out about opportunities to keep your group connected.

The Session has appointed task forces to serve our community in this season.

Task forces for CARE & RELIEF, MEDICAL, FINANCIAL, and COMMUNICATIONS have been created specifically for the COVID-19 crisis, comprised of C3 members with specific expertise. Their main purpose is to assist the staff, elders, and the diaconate by providing resources, answering questions, and researching ways to improve specific ministry situations at C3.

If you are in need of assistance at this time (related or unrelated to COVID-19), please contact us to engage our Care Team.