$125 per person
(by February 28)
$140 per person
(by March 25)

HEY GUYS – come hang and relax in the woods for a weekend! It’s the perfect chance to meet other guys from church, eat some great food and have a blast! This is the Men’s Retreat for guys who don’t like men’s retreats.


Dates: MARCH 29 – 31, 2019
Location: CAMP TOKNOWHIM (Pisgah, Alabama)

We’ll depart after work on Friday, March 29 and return mid/late afternoon on Sunday, March 31.


Speaker: PASTOR ANDY LEWIS (from Mitchell Road PCA in Greenville, SC)
Music: SCOTT CASH and the Retreat Music Team

Pastor Andy Lewis went to Erskine College and Seminary. He is married to Elizabeth and has three kids: Kate, Maggie, and Daniel. His ministry career has been at Mitchell Road (PCA) since 1997. During this tenure, he served as an assistant youth pastor, assistant pastor, Senior Pastor and Lead Teaching Pastor. He constantly wonders if he will get promoted back to being a youth pastor, where some of the finest ministry occurs in a church. Until that time, he tries to pastor faithfully the wonderful flock God’s given him by praying that God will do things which can only be attributed to the power of Christ. When the stars align (meaning he isn’t involved in church obligations or chauffeuring kids), he loves to play golf, cook, garden, run, and root for the Steelers. At present, all hobbies are lacking in excellence but are high in enjoyment. Pastor Lewis will speak on the topic of Living Out Relationships.


  • Smoking Ribs Workshop with Elliott Wood
  • Fly Fishing 101 with Taylor Morris
  • TableTop Game Adventures with Paul Quillman
  • Internet Physics Workshop with Steve Gilreath & Cory Jones
  • Medieval Weapon Throwing with Ken Leggett
  • Day Hiking with Pat Wiggins
  • And FIRE…


$125 Per Person EARLY BIRD Registration (by February 28)
$140 Per Person Registration (by March 25)

  • includes meals, lodging, and more
  • all details will be sent when you register
  • scholarships available
  • transportation available


For scholarships, info, or your general complaints and personal jabs:
Contact Ken Leggett