Mercy Community Healthcare

In 1998, after completing his pediatric residency at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, Dr. Tim Henschel felt called to provide pediatric care to children in Williamson County who could not conveniently access medical care because of their lack of insurance or TennCare (Medicaid) coverage.

After several months of planning and discussion, Mercy Children’s Clinic was created out of the belief that local businesses, churches, and individuals – and not solely the government – should help shoulder the burden for providing care for these children.

Incorporated as a Tennessee not-for-profit in April of 1999, Mercy Children’s Clinic (MCC) began seeing patients later that year in a small house on Ninth Avenue in the heart of Downtown Franklin. With the vision of providing quality healthcare to any child who needs it, Mercy Children’s Clinic impacted the lives of thousands of Middle Tennessee families.

In 2006, Mercy added mental health and social services, enabling Mercy to provide even more comprehensive, integrated care. Two years later, the Chronic Care Medical Home was established to ensure the proper management of the care-plans of our patients inside and outside of Mercy. Hundreds of Mercy’s patients must see anywhere from two to 12 (or more) specialists in order to receive the care they need. Through the Chronic Care Medical Home, Mercy is able to serve as the “general contractor” for each of these patients.

In 2009, Mercy moved into a brand new facility in Williamson Square on Murfreesboro Road. Not only is this new space three times larger than the small house it started in, but the entire clinic is furnished through generous donations from the community. Since expanding, Mercy now sees nearly 100 new patients each month and still has room to grow.

Mercy was awarded a grant from the Department of Health and Human Services designating it as a Federally Qualified Health Center in June 2012. In 2013, Mercy merged with Grace Medical Clinic and opened the Richard Anderson Adult Center, also in Williamson Square Shopping Center, serving adults for the time.

As a result of this additional area of focus, Mercy Children’s Clinic transitioned to the name Mercy Community Healthcare. With its new name, Mercy Community Healthcare seeks to reflect its mission of providing quality, experienced care to everyone – adults, children, insured, and uninsured, throughout Middle Tennessee.