Pastoral Team

Email Cassidy, David

David Cassidy
Lead Pastor
Phone: 615-468-2256

Email Smith, Mike

Mike Smith
Associate Pastor - Senior Ministries and Facilites Manager
Phone: 615-468-2223

Email Johnson, Charles

Charles Johnson
Assistant Pastor of Student Ministries
Phone: 615-468-2225

Email Leggett, Ken

Ken Leggett
Assistant Pastor and Director of Ministries
Phone: 615-468-2260


Email Amick, Jayme

Jayme Amick
Student Ministry Coordinator
Phone: 615-468-2273

Email Beach Batarseh, Diana

Diana Beach Batarseh
Director of Community Life
Phone: 615-468-2272

Email Blom, Cindy

Cindy Blom
Coordinator for Critical Care
Phone: 615-468-2224

Email Bolt, Izzy

Izzy Bolt
Phone: 615-468-2263

Email Boyd, Alex

Alex Boyd
Student Ministry Administrative Assistant
Phone: 615-468-2270

Email Bragg, Christie

Christie Bragg
Interim Worship Team Coordinator
Phone: 615-352-5509

Email Breegle, Betsy

Betsy Breegle
Mustard Seed Preschool Assistant Director
Phone: 615-468-2242
Frank Burns
Phone: 615-468-2200

Email Clark, Becky

Becky Clark
Chidlren's Ministry Senior Coordinator
Phone: 615-468-2241

Email Davis, Don

Don Davis
Business Administrator
Phone: 615-468-2226

Email DeBelius, Carolyn

Carolyn DeBelius
Phone: 615-468-2263

Email Flautt, Amy

Amy Flautt
Children's Ministry Administrative Assistant
Phone: 615-469-2291

Email Florian, Lisa

Lisa Florian
Coordinator of Hospitality and Events
Phone: 615-468-2200

Email Gardner, Randy

Randy Gardner
Audio Visual Coordinator
Phone: 615-468-2278

Email Garner, Wes

Wes Garner
Pastoral Intern
Phone: 615-468-2200

Email Hathaway, Sarah

Sarah Hathaway
Mustard Seed Preschool Administrative Assistant
Phone: 615-468-2345

Email Henke, Kristin

Kristin Henke
Mustard Seed Preschool Director
Phone: 615-468-2346

Email Hertweck, Elise

Elise Hertweck
Phone: 615-468-2222

Email Langdon, Nick

Nick Langdon
Business Assistant and Facilities Coordinator
Phone: 615-468-2269

Email Marlow, Natalina

Natalina Marlow
Phone: 615-468-2284
Stephen Maxwell
Phone: 615-468-2200

Email McAulay, Cam

Cam McAulay
Student Ministry Coordinator
Phone: 615-468-2200

Email McCurdy, Dr. Bruce

Dr. Bruce McCurdy
Counseling Center Director
Phone: 615-468-2276

Email Schlitt, Dorla

Dorla Schlitt
Children's Ministry, Preschool Coordinator
Phone: 615-468-2244
Rex Schnelle
Anchor Musician
Phone: 615-818-7590

Email Spiegel, Kim

Kim Spiegel
Children's Ministry, Nursery Coordinator
Phone: 615-468-2290

Email Weber, April

April Weber
Chidlren's Ministry, Elementary Assitant Coordinator
Phone: 615-468-2291

Email Wilk, Kim

Kim Wilk
Coordinator, Caring for the World
Phone: 615-468-2265

Email Youngs, Melinda

Melinda Youngs
Administrative Assistant to Senior Pastor and Congregational Care
Phone: 615-468-2256