The CCC City

Join us at The City

What is the City and why use it at CCC?

The City provides an online space where members of Christ Community can stay in touch throughout the week, particularly through the groups of which they are part.  Members of a Community Groups or Sunday school classes can share prayer requests, and quickly update the status and needs of members needing prayer or assistance.  A community group can organize a dinner, asking guests to sign up for specific tasks or items. Sunday morning classes can organize Service days and easily communicate what the need is, what supplies to bring and a map for where the activity will take place.

The City provides an up-to-date online parish directory complete with pictures,  helping newcomers get to know members of the parish.
Users of The City can choose how much information they receive in their email inbox and how often it arrives.  Some like to stay on top of every update while others prefer to get updates “on demand,” and The City makes this possible.

The City will be used to communicate upcoming church events and news and even gives users the ability to RSVP for events.

Why is it called, “The City”?

The name, The City, comes from the Gospel according to Matthew, where Jesus tells his followers, “You are the light of the world.  A city on a hill cannot be hidden” (Matthew 5:14).  It’s not just a catchy name, it’s a reminder of who God’s people are, and what we’re called to do!

What The City isn’t…

The City isn’t Facebook.  Whereas Facebook is designed for individual expression (“I just had pancakes for breakfast!”), The City is designed to facilitate community.  It’s a communication tool to help members of a group connect throughout the week.  While there are some areas of overlap between The City and Facebook, Facebook and The City were designed for two completely different purposes.  For example, on Facebook the word “friend” is often used to designate anyone you ever met, whereas the City designation for Friend implies a true relationship and also allows your friends to see some things about your profile that you …. well, might only share with “friends”.

Christ Community Church City Plaza

The City Plaza will lists events and topics that are designated to be shared with our community, including those who are not members of the CCC City. Visit the Christ Community Plaza here.

City Launch Update

We have now launched the full church to the City. All members of Christ Community Church should have received an invitations. If you consider yourself part of this church and have not joined the City yet, please contact the church office to initiate your account.  If you are part of a Sunday morning class, small group, service group or leadership group, your group should have already migrated to the City. If you are part of a group and not sure about the City status of that group, please contact a group leader. There are currently almost 800 CCC folks on the City.

Giving Online Through the City

We have now launched online giving through your City account. You can give securely to the general fund (your Sunday tithes and offerings), the Deacon’s Fund, or the recently designated Renovation Fund. These can be recurring or one time gifts.  Your giving history is also available on your City profile.
Online giving available HERE.

How will I create an account on The City?

You must receive an invitation to join The City.  At this time,all our members should have received an invitation via email. If you have not received your invitation, please contact the church office to initiate your account.