Sunday School

Preschoolers at Christ Community Church know that the Bible is God’s Holy Word. They are continually learning and growing in the knowledge of God’s love for them through Jesus Christ with the many Bible stories and activities they participate in each week. Curriculum used by teachers is age appropriate.

The Preschool Sunday morning program is offered to children age 2 thru pre-K at 9:30 or 11:00 or children may attend both hours of Sunday school. For children staying for 2 hours of Sunday school the Bible story, catechism and memory verse is the same. Different classroom activities and enrichment specials provide variety and interest each hour.

Scope for Pre-School

Two Year Olds

This is a very special curriculum that gives children the most basic foundation they need to begin their journey into the Christian faith, emphasizing God’s goodness and what he is doing in the Bible story. This perspective should encourage a deep sense of awe, thankfulness, and joy in who God is and how He loves and cares for His people. It should also help the preschool child acknowledge his need for God in His own life.

Three Year Olds

The Bible is about Jesus Christ. Our toddler curriculum introduces the basic concept of what Christ has done for his people-always in a way that they can grasp and understand. They will learn that…

  • God created all things.
  • God makes a people for himself and loves them.
  • God keeps his promises.
  • Sin is saying no to God.
  • Everyone has sinned and needs a Deliverer.
  • Jesus is God’s Son.
  • Jesus came to deliver God’s people from sin.
  • We must trust Jesus as our Deliverer.

Four and Five Year Olds

From start to finish, the children learn that the Lord our Creator is gracious and merciful to his covenant people-forgiving them, saving them and keeping them. Each child will begin to know: I am a child created in God’s image. My purpose is to glorify my Creator. They learn that God calls his people to himself and wants them to trust and follow him. And, they discover that Jesus is the only answer.

Even with all the wonderful curriculum and activities our children enjoy, the one most important element is the love of Jesus they experience through the relationship they have with their teacher. Come be a part of what God is doing in the hearts of our preschoolers.