Though located in Franklin, Tennessee we are also citizens of the world and live in a world where boundaries and divisions are increasingly minimized. We look toward the day when members of every tongue, tribe, and nation will be united in Worshiping the one true God.  With that consideration, Christ Community partners with many individuals and ministries who serve outside Franklin.  Below are some of those ministries.

To get involved in Caring for our world, contact Kim Wilk for more information.


Sharing the Gospel in Word and Deed, addressing physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those we are called to love.

• Mark & Lori Berry (Serge, Latin America)

• Mark & Caryl (Servants for Central Asia)

• Lewis & Elsbeth – Mission to the World

• Chris & Beverly Crowder (S.I.M., Sudan)

• Brent & Temple Cundall (Serge, England)

• Perry & Betty (Mission to the World, Italy)

• House of Glory – (Peru)

• Rose Marie Miller (Serge, England)

• Pete & Ruth Mitchell (Mission to the World, France)

• (3) National Pastors (China & India)

• Third Millennium Ministries

• World Music Mission